Dariyo Varo


Discover the ocean within you

Shunya Dariyo Varo is designed to help you discover the ocean within you. Bedrooms are so close to the sea that you literally start breathing in rhythm with wave song.

Be warned that the beach on which this retreat is located is remote. Rooms are not air-conditioned, but there is no need for it since at even the hottest time of the year the sea is your compressor. A cool air current circulates through your room always, making the nights almost chilly. The exceptionally strong presence of the ocean is complimented by yoga, meditation, fishing, diving, snorkelling, kayaking, and on the water gourmet dining.

Dariyo Varo

Groups can have activities in doses sculpted to their desires by our event planners. So your retreat can have a diving bias or a yoga bias or a food bias depending on group sentiment.

The minimum notice you need to give us for a booking is 4 months and we prefer 12 months or more. Also there is a minimum 3 night requirement for this group retreat which can accommodate upto 20 in 10 ocean view cabins. Its an absolute must for nature and ocean lovers and works wonders for corporate teams, large families and other animals!

Our event team is with you always to make the most of this magical location.

Samudra Namaskar

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