Shunya Chi Activities

At all our properties it’s possible to learn some skills and participate in activities with prior notice. These include yoga, meditation, cooking, fishing, snake handling, birdwatching, traditional carpentry, kayaking, stand up paddle, scuba diving and snorkelling, rock climbing, trekking, unicycling, mountain biking and sailing.

All these activities are charged extra with the following exceptions: Trout fishing and cooking at Shunya Mistigri (our Himachal property).

Daily yoga at Shunya Surya Varo our Goa sustainable living retreat.  (This is free for groups of 6 or more.)

Our Shunya Chi Experiences

At your doorstep: on-site activities

Daily Yoga
Daily yoga is possible at all our Goa properties with prior notice. At our Himachal property we need a group booking for at least 10 days to provide on site yoga.

Scuba Diving
Individuals and groups can learn scuba diving and snorkelling from a certified instructor at Surya Varo. A course includes sessions in: a pool, backwaters adjoining the property; and open sea accessed by boat from the property.

Kayaking and SUP
We have our own equipment. Instruction can be provided by appointment.

Guided meditation for beginners is possible by prior appointment at our Goa properties.

Cooking Classes
At all our properties guests may learn to cook our world famous menu by paying a per recipe charge . We can also organise custom designed courses for groups with our chefs and guest chefs.

Transformation Workshops
These inner engineering workshops use various yogic and shamanic techniques. They happen from time to time. Check our event calendar to keep updated.

Handicraft activities
We offer classes in furniture and lamp making using traditional carpentry methods.
We expect to have a furnace and ceramic facility shortly.

Bird Watching
Available on site at all our properties. If you want go deeper into this naturalist hobby, then book well in advance so we can arrange a guide and design an itinerary.

Fishing trips
We have expert angling knowledge on all our locations. So if this is a hobby we can guide you to the right places. Beginners can be taught the basics. World class trout fishing and free licenses and equipment is available at our Himachal property.

Mountain Biking
We have a fleet of bikes. Instruction can be provided by appointment. And there are weekly group rides.

Off-Site Activities

Kitesurfing Lessons
Available by appointment during the tourist season in Goa.

Available throughout the year in Goa and practically on site at our Parsem sustainable living retreat by appointment.

Foodie Tours
Can be custom designed by prior appointment at our Goa properties. These will include both private and commercial kitchens.

Reptile Watching
By appointment at our Goa properties.

Photography tours
By appointment from our goa property.

Most activities can be done alone or in groups. We have special activities like exclusive moonlight small boat trips with dinner and wine for romantic couples.

For romantic getaways and honeymoons

All our properties are great for romantic getaways and honeymoons. With a little prior notice we can theme incredible travel experiences for you depending on your special interests.

Some of our best properties for honeymooners  are: