Shunya Experiential Dining

Our properties have the widest selection of angler/traditional fisherman caught seafood and organic homegrown vegetable and fruit based dishes in Goa. But it’s for resident guests only.

This year we are opening to the public by appointment only. We will be serving 4 of our classic menus – either Seafood or Vegetarian – at all three properties . Prior reservation is required. At Noi Varo our new experimental event space can serve as many as 100 if required with adequate notice.

Shunya chefs can also teach the recipes in the menu  to groups of 10 or more by appointment in our outdoor kitchen at Noi Varo. So you can learn to cook your own Shunya classic meal before you eat it if you wish.

“Zen gems…Foodie Havens..”
“Best cold marinated fish i have had in a long time…”
Harper’s Bazaar
“… a gourmet chef (dishes) out fine Goan food…”
Conde Nast Traveller