Shunya Experiential Dining

Our properties have the widest selection of angler/traditional fisherman caught seafood and organic homegrown vegetable and fruit based dishes in Goa. But it’s for resident guests only.

This year we are opening to the public by appointment only. We will be serving 4 of our classic menus – either Seafood or Vegetarian – at all three properties . Prior reservation is required. At Noi Varo our new experimental event space can serve as many as 100 if required with adequate notice.

Shunya chefs can also teach the recipes in the menu  to groups of 10 or more by appointment in our outdoor kitchen at Noi Varo. So you can learn to cook your own Shunya classic meal before you eat it if you wish.

“Zen gems…Foodie Havens..”


“Best cold marinated fish i have had in a long time…”

Harper’s Bazaar

“… a gourmet chef (dishes) out fine Goan food…”

Conde Nast Traveller

Food Guide

Goa is a great place for both traditional Goan and Portuguese fusion food. It’s also famous for authentic food from all over the world: French, Italian, German, Russian, Israeli , Arab you name it.

Please find here a recommended selection of restaurants, shacks and clubs.


North Goa’s most popular dining place Thalassa is a greek Taverna overlooking the Southern tip of Vagator beach. Marikettie its charismatic Greek owner, makes sure every evening is a riot with fire dancing and breaking plates and dancing on tables. Thalassa has a spectacular view over the ocean. It’s great for sunset drinks. Be warned that it’s  crowded and raucous.

10 to 15 minutes from Noi Varo.
45 minutes from Kaju Varo and Parsem.

Owner is a personal friend so we can arrange events and parties here.


Located near the Taj Village in Candolim is a gourmet restaurant with a Burmese influence. Excellent Tuna Steak, and original creations like a tea leaf salad.

Half an hours drive from Noi Varo and one hour from Kaju Varo and Parsem but worth the effort for foodies.

La Plage

Iconic French run on the beach restaurant in Ashwem. Walking distance from Kaju Varo. 20 minutes from Noi Varo and Parsem.  Pleasant place to base yourself for a day on Ashwem beach. The food is of a high quality. The beef carpaccio; chicken liver pate ; tuna Steak and chocolate thali are classics.

The Lazy Dog Cafe

Excellent value for money beach side lounge bar with pool in Mandrem.  Serves good sushi and tandoori. Especially good if you have children. Lounge and use the wi fi while they frolic in the pool. Stroll down to the beach at sunset. 5 minutes driving from Kaju Varo. 25 minutes from Noi Varo. 15 minutes from Parsem.

Cafe Nu

Popular fine dining restaurant about a km inland from Arambol beach. It’s a strange location  but it’s loyal clients – many of whom are scandinavian – serve testimony to its consistent quality. Try and make a reservation to make sure of a place.

30  minutes from Parsem.
15 minutes from Kaju Varo.
45 minutes from Noi Varo.

Ciao Bella

Italian family run restaurant  very close to Noi Varo in Badem. Even has squid ink pasta sauce.
Reservation recommended.

20 minutes from Parsem.
30 minutes from Kaju Varo.

Open from 7pm-11:30pm
Phone: +91 9767557673
Location: 569 Assagao Badem Road


Quaint bar and grill in an old Portuguese house in Saliagon village! Has good live music on some nights.
Call before going.

30 minutes from Parsem.
45 minutes from Kaju Varo.
15 minutes from noi varo.

Open 7pm-1am
Phone: 08322409461
Location: 7/73 B Cruz Waddo, Saligao.

River House

Young trendy bar with nice cocktails and sliders! They have large sports screen for when you need to catch that evening football game!

30 minutes from Parsem.
45 minutes from Kaju Varo.
15 minutes from Noi Varo.

Phone: 07262057370
Location: Arpora


Authentic Indian Kerala style cuisine.  Located in the grounds of an old Portuguese house.  Laid back and cozy. Try the ‘aapams’ with ‘aviyal’ or vegetable stew. Also the dry meat preparations and the pork curries from Kerala.
The building also houses an interesting alternative lifestyle shop.

Close to Noi Varo.
Half an hour from Parsem.
40 minutes from Kaju Varo.

Open Tuesdays – Sundays  
Lunch: 12-3:30
Dinner: 7pm-11pm
Phone: +91 8322268091
Location: Villa No. 6 Saunta Vaddo Bardez, Assagao


BENGALI and FRENCH cuisine.
The bengal style carp curries are recommended for food connoisseurs.
The french food for the cautious.

50 minutes from Kaju Varo.
40 minutes from Parsem.
25 minutes from Noi Varo.

Open 11am-11pm 7 days a week!
Phone: +91 9823436120
Location: House No. 78,  Chogem road, Sangolda

Saraya Cafe

An alternative international volunteer fuelled cafe with organic produce. Good home cooked Indian thali,  homemade hummus and pesto and more. All food is prepared fresh and the ambience is super laid back. So be prepared to wait.
Pizzas from a wood burning oven are served in the evening and there might well be a live guitar jam.

Open 12pm-4pm and 7pm-11pm
Phone: +91 8888926811
Location: House No.64 Chogem Road, Sangolda, Bardez


Mediterranean fusion and tapas. Unfortunately just lost its bar license due to new laws which prohibit alcohol being served close to highways.  Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian.

30 minutes from Parsem.
45 minutes from Kaju Varo.
15 minutes from Noi Varo.

Open 11am-11pm everyday except TUESDAYS.
Phone: +91 8805586728
Location: Near Porvorim water tank, NH-17 highway Porvorim


Contemporary chic bar and restaurant. Has both indoor and outdoor seating. Food includes:  pizza, burgers, seafood and nice appetizers from other parts of India. There’s a pool table and live music and salsa dancing on some nights.

20 minutes from Parsem.
30 minutes from Kaju Varo.
3 minutes from Noi Varo.

Open 12pm-3pm and 7pm-2 am everyday.
Phone: +91 9881934440
Location: Assagao, Siolim road

Whole Bean

Excellent small tofu based restaurant. Great toffunaise, soya burgers, seitan with brown rice etc.

30  minutes from Parsem.
50 minutes from Kaju Varo.
20 minutes from Noi Varo.

South Anjuna Beach Road

Bean Me Up

Another quality salad, juice  and tofu based restaurant.

25  minutes from Parsem.
45 minutes from Kaju Varo.
10 minutes from Noi Varo.

Near Vagator Petrol Station


Alternative cafe, inside a nice Portuguese house. Kid friendly, and good for a relaxing lunch/brunch afternoon.

30 minutes from Parsem.
45 minutes from Kaju Varo.
8 minutes from noi varo.

Location: Assagao

Villa Blanche

Value for money German run cafe in Assagaon with a light osho  touch. The place to go if you are missing german sausages, bread,  sauerkraut and healthy salads.
Has tango dancing some nights.

25 minutes from Parsem.
40 minutes from Kaju Varo.
10 minutes from Noi Varo.


Raucous local Goan Style Restaurant famous for it’s Chicken Cafreal.
For that evening when you want to drink and eat like a local.

30 minutes from Parsem.
45 minutes from Kaju Varo.
15 minutes from Noi Varo.

Location: Saligaon, near the Chogem road cross roads.


Located inside the heart of a local market this exudes a Goan ambience. Good Goan and Portuguese food.  This is a family friendly place. Very close to Noi Varo.

30 minutes from Parsem.
45 minutes from Kaju Varo.
5 minutes from Noi Varo.

Location: Siolim Fish Market near the old ferry jetty.

Hotel Aurora

The place to eat if you visit Mapusa  on Friday market day or any other day for that matter. Looks like it has been around for half a century. Authentic Goan catholic food and the best pork vindaloo in town currently.

30 minutes from Parsem.
50 minutes from Kaju Varo.
20 minutes from Noi Varo.

Location: Mapusa Market

Cafe Venite

Fusion Goan Portuguese food. Bombay Duck Colbert recommended as is the cashew feni. Located in the historic old Portuguese quarter of Panjim called Fontainhas. Worth visiting on the day you choose to explore Panjim.

60  minutes from Parsem.
75 minutes from Kaju Varo.
45 minutes from Noi Varo.

Panjim Inn Cafe

A quaint cafe on the first floor balcony of the Panjim inn heritage hotel in Fontainhas. The food is middle of the road Goan-Portuguese, but the ambience is quaint.

60  minutes from Parsem.
75 minutes from Kaju Varo.
45 minutes from noi varo.


Known for it’s authentic muslim mutton biryani, and excellent fish thali. An authentic local place.

60 minutes from Parsem.
75 minutes from Kaju Varo.
45 minutes from Noi Varo.

Location: Fontainhas, the old quarter of Panjim.

Rubens Palacio Quepem

Ruben Vasco Da Gama and his wife serve a great value for money portuguese-goan lunch in their 17th century palacio home. His wife cooks the lunch herself. You can order wine and beer along with lunch. The house has been minimally restored in a purist way. Ruben has a great old coin collection too. A must for heritage freaks who can spare a day to drive south and explore old houses. It’s a good idea to take in some of the historic churches in old Goa on the way. Then  stop for lunch at Ruben’s before proceeding to the Braganza mansion about 6 kms a way  for a peek at another  old palatial home.

2 hrs plus from any Shunya property so get ready for a day out.