Subtly shift perception through experiential knowledge sharing with master practitioners to experience deep peace and sustainable happiness. Let the healing powers of a globally cutting edge homoeopath protect you for life. Understand the self through working the breath, body and mind.

Join us for an exclusive Shunya Chi Sharing Retreat at Kaju Varo, 3 minutes walk from Ashvem Beach, North Goa, India.


14 to 23 August 2019 – Shunya Kaju Varo, Ashvem, Goa

22 to 31 October 2019 –  Shunya Kaju Varo, Ashvem, Goa

4 to 13 December 2019 – Shunya Kaju Varo, Ashvem, Goa


Highlights of the retreats : 

  • 9 nights super luxury shelter
  • 3 Body type specific gourmet vegetarian meals a day
  • Daily morning yoga classes 
  • Collaborative portraiture and journal writing


Specific retreats can also include : 

  • Homoeopathic symptom picture taking for life long protection
  • Movement, dancing and aerial
  • Chanting into meditation classes
  • Acro-yoga
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Thai massage
  • Cooking classes
  • Custom designed diets to treat specific ailments
  • Collaborative portraiture and journal writing
  • Spinal alignment
  • Breath work
  • Tantric meditation
  • Mindfulness

OUR SHUNYA CHI SHARERS   We prefer not to use the word teachers at Shunya. We believe learning is a two way process. We all have something to share.   You can give as much as you receive at this retreat. You are as valuable as anyone else. You come with a lifetime of experience to distill and empower both ourselves and others.   We take this our opportunity to discover the value of your life experience and the life experiences of other sharers.   We all have something to offer each other. The success of this retreat will hinge on how well we can decipher and implement this together.


Homoeopathic Healer


Ashok Borkar is one of the world’s cutting-edge homeopaths. We are fortunate that despite his jet-set schedule he will be able to share his insights on life and healing with us in person in a practical way. How does one tackle one’s inherent tendency to take stress? How do we get rid of hereditary disease tendencies? Dr. Borkar believes: “ A good homeopath takes you through a journey into your inner self with the aim of finding out your basic false perception of reality (which is causing stress). “ Once this is established the healer gives you a remedy which will bring about the physical and mental well being by curtailing this false perception. All participants at this retreat will be initiated into this vision clarifying journey by Dr. Borkar himself. While the follow up depends on participants, they would have been offered the opportunity of a lifetime online preventive medical care after a single symptom picture taking session. Proper Homoeopathic medication stimulates the body to heal itself (every organism has an inborn capability to heal itself) and can change your genetically and environmentally programmed way of handling stress. Dr. Borkar relates: A 30-year-old lawyer presented with primary infertility, said she felt “ trapped” in her marriage and that her husband and in-laws were harassing her. After the homeopathic remedy, her “trapped and harassed” perception disappeared. She is now happy with her husband and his family and has 3 children. Dr. Borkar will spend 2 hours with each retreat guest. Please learn more about Dr. Ashok Borkar :


Nutrition and diet therapist

Dr Borkar is a Goa based nutritionist and dietary therapist who is also a fully qualified homoeopath. She specializes in prescribing custom based diets for clients. Her prescriptions cover even people with serious disorders like Alzheimer’s, diabetes, cancers and arthritis.

She has cured herself of migraines and reversed her hormonal imbalances through diet and lifestyle changes.

Dr Borkar will spend 45 minutes taking a symptom picture of each retreat guest. We will custom create recipes for each guest based on these prescriptions.


Professional musician, composer and vocal therapist

Here we have that rare article: A classically trained Indian musician, composer and event organiser who thinks like Osho! It’s better we allow Sandeep to share his vast experience with you directly rather than say more.


Professional dancer; choreographer; dance therapist; movement therapist; meditation guide; and clothing designer.

If you have a stereotypical opinion of the modern Indian woman, Deboshree will shatter these very quickly. Though only in her late twenties she has had to overcome energies which would have sunk anyone with a less positive attitude. Little wonder she does not have much time for hyperbole and would like to get on with the job of real sharing.

In her own speak:

“The more the body moves, the more the mind learns to unclutter…Find the connections. Join the dots…Any kind of movement that we enjoy induces the release of chemicals (serotonin, dopamine, endorphins) in our body that help us become more balanced and happy individuals. But how do we ensure that we can take charge of making sure that those chemicals are released in our brain? Find out what makes your clock tick the way you want it to…don’t depend on others… take control of your life, yourself…”

Deb will conduct daily yoga, and give participatory lecture demonstrations in aerial flow yoga her current passion.

(see an aerial flow video by Deb on: 

Discover more about Deb and the possibility to work further with her in Goa on:


Shunya Chi Volunteer Yoga Therapist / Rehabilitation Yoga (Bachelor in Rehabilitation Science)

Emilie has a degree in rehabilitation science from The University of Montreal (Occupational Therapy) and is specialized in body and mind enhancement workshops and rehabilitation through yoga (yoga therapy).

Her gentle and intelligent adjustments make her classes and workshops accessible to everyone, regardless of age and physical ability.

Emilie will guide you into a practice filled with meaning and discovery during the daily morning yoga sessions.

”I believe that with the power of the mind, we can create our own reality and become the best version of ourselves…”

She has her own online yoga platform with a faithful following of online students almost all of whom are twice her age from her hometown in Canada!

From a practical point of view if you are in the 20-30 age group and a global traveller who needs to discover Goa, Emilie will be your go to person.

Learn more about Emilie her Instagram and Facebook page :

Practice online with Emilie [French] :


Master Yoga Teacher 

With a background of Yoga, Om is into full time Teaching yoga in a wide range of environments from the local resident of Jaipur to yoga teachers around the world, he is an experienced Yoga instructor committed to make a difference in the educational field by applying wide knowledge of Yogic philosophy & Psychology.

With over 15 years of diverse experience in teaching, Om is qualified to draw from various practices and incorporate them into a rich and satisfying experience. His philosophy on yoga is this find and faces the challenges on the mat, so that we may live our lives effortlessly. His classes are challenging, uplifting, and approachable, as he takes you beyond the physical aspects of yoga, and brings you into your own sacred space.

Through a variety of poses, and conscious sequencing, Om’s classes and workshops will build strength, flexibility, and balance through stability, as well as provide the space to discover the truth in transition, and the sense of lightness you’re looking for in your practice.


Shunya Chi Founder 

Vikram is the Shunya founder and creator of the sharing theme.

He believes : We are moving into a golden age of sharing. That the problems of duality can only be mitigated through sharing if you are born in human form.

Even the so called “ enlightened ” need to share to feel complete. That the camera is a shamanic and therapeutic tool. That chi energy offers the solution to most issues. That enlightenment is a useful fiction. That preventive medicine is likely to influence more lives positively than enlightenment. That you are what you see…and loads of other unprovable stuff.

He will be around to share his experiences in collaborative portraiture and autobiographical journal writing with participants as they work on their own portraiture and journal writing assignments.

Gourmet vegetarian meals

Food can shift your perception.

At our Shunya Chi retreats we start working on this even before you arrive.

The idea is to be able to create gourmet recipes for your unique body type.

It’s not just nutrition numbers we are looking at, but how you feel post eating. It’s a workshop in its own right, and we feel it’s worthwhile.

Our basic suitable for all body types sattvic food is also special. It is completely, locally grown and organic. Let the rhythms of the local soil and air and seasons enter your body. We do not use trendy, exotic, nuts, grains and fruit flown in from other climates. A high percentage of the food is actually grown on the property itself or on our farm.

You are metabolising your environment and you will become aware of the underlying oneness this evokes.

We start each day at 7.30 am with warm herbal teas and fresh coconut water.


Shunya Honeymoon Suite 

A super luxurious and large open plan suite with an inner spa pool which can sleep 2 to 3 depending on privacy and luxury required. One very large double bed in the bedroom space An additional single can be added to the lounge. Ideal for couples or three close friends who are prepared to sacrifice a bit of privacy. 


Shunya Gor 

luxury tree house type structure with 2 A/C bedrooms plus a lounge and super large luxury bathroomideal for four single friends or two couples who know each other 

Eco Bungalow

two bedroom glamping structure which can sleep 4 in separate beds. One shared luxury outdoor shower area and two indpendent rooms with Ac and basin attached to bedroomsideal for four singles who know each other or two couples. 

Eco Bungalow Annexe 

luxury independent A/C room with attached bathroom and outdoor shower and walk in closet. 
Ideal for couples or two single friendsTwo separate beds possible. 

Eco Loft Lounge 

Luxury  loft lounge which can sleep two in  bedroom and one in lounge. Attached outdoor bathroom with rain showerideal for a couple and a single friend. 
Double bed in bedroom. Single bed can be made up in lounge.  

Urban Loft Lounge

Luxury loft lounge which can sleep two in  bedroom and one in lounge. Attached indoor bathrom with rain shower 
Ideal for a couple and a single 

Kaju Varo is in Ashwem

Mandrem, the best beach stretch in the North with iconic

clubs restaurants and bars.

Kaju Varo is in Ashwem

Mandrem, the best beach stretch in the North with iconic

clubs restaurants and bars.


7.30 – 8 am

We start each day at 7.30 am with warm herbal teas and fresh coconut water. Fruits are also available for those who feel they need more to sustain them through a two hour yoga session.

8 am: 

A morning yoga session from 8 am to 10 am.

10 am to 11 am:

Then we have a substantial brunch with the option of a weight loss diet or a heavier organic diet depending on your personal choice. Expect to see nut butters, local fruit, local porridges and pancakes etc. The breakfast is accompanied by warm herbal teas to aid in digestion. And cold pressed vegetable and fruit juices.

From 11 am to 2.30 pm:

This is the time to do journal work. Collaborative Portraiture. Massages can be scheduled. A one on one classes can also be requested. A bit of beach time is also possible or sunbathing by the pool.

2.30 pm

We serve a light lunch of dips, salads, vegan sushis, raw vegetables and more coconut juice and other digestives like a local wild mangosteen and coconut milk drink.

From 3.30 to 5 pm

We have a workshop. This could range over breath work, yoga, acro yoga, aerial and dance.

From 5 pm to 7 pm

Option of taking in a sunset on the beach in Kaju Varo or having a herbal tea in the tree house at noi varo. Coconut water, coconut milk, juice or fruits , will also be available.

From 7 pm to 8 pm :

Here we experience the emotional power of a singing into meditation session with Sandeep.

8.30 pm:

We serve a fantastic many coursed sattvic meal with local produce. There will be custom created main courses here depending on your body type.

After dinner

Our scheduled day ends here and there is time to share experiences and meet new people in a romantic and spiritual setting.