From September 2017 all our Indian properties will have specialised business centre facilities and residential accommodation for international startups. This will include dedicated internet lines with almost no downtime and consistently high speeds.

International volunteer energy

International volunteer energy has become increasingly important to our projects. Especially to Shunya Surya Brahmi our sustainable living retreat and research centre in Parsem, Goa.

Shunya Surya Brahmi offers an environment where volunteers of any age can share and acquire skills in a variety of disciplines linked to sustainable living and spiritual evolution. It offers a flexible learning environment driven by the wisdom of both the world wide net and ancient shamanic and yogic disciplines.

It also provides experimental co-working and co-learning spaces where volunteers and residents and guests can intermingle and empower each other. A sort of university for nomads without fixed syllabus or degree!

Our Philosophy

Open minds. No dogma. No religions. No words like ‘definitive’ or the ‘best’ or even ‘realised’. Just eternal process. Sharing and evolving. Evolution is often more efficient than pre-conception. Technology aids sharing. We live in an age of sharing. Sustainable living is a goal to be achieved now rather than in the future. As a volunteer you can make this happen for yourself and us.

Our program

We take short term part time volunteers – one week to one month – if they have a special skill which they can bring into play. Any win-win arrangement is feasible. We do hope the relationship can continue longer online in mutual interest. We offer platforms. We are not an employer. So a short stay followed by a long term business relationship would be ideal. For short stays volunteers might be required to pay a subsidised rent for food and stay. Especially if they are participating in workshops we are organising or learning a professional skill during their stay.

We take long term volunteers one month to one year. Here we need to identify the projects and responsibility associated with the volunteer. In such cases the volunteers stay might be completely free.

Areas of impact

We provide volunteers of all ages with an opportunity to learn skills and techniques which will help them survive financially and evolve spiritually. We would also like volunteers to use our platform to try and build sustainable cash flows for themselves. Much of this does not happen in a structured way, but by creating an ambience where it can happen naturally. Volunteers can often learn as much from one another as they can from anything we offer. A lot often depends on the volunteers desire to take on responsibility and experiment with new approaches

Volunteers at Shunya Chi


What is the space given to volunteers. This is project specific. At the moment it is generally shared luxury accommodation at the property at which they are working. We are planning to develop separate volunteer dorms soon.

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