Shunya Mykonos

Eco-Retreat Parsem - Outdoor-Pool - Galery
Kaju Varo - Honeymoon-Suite - Galery
Noi Varo - Living Area - Galery
Eco-Lodge - Living-Area - Galery
Eco-Retreat Parsem - Honeymoon Suite - Galery
Eco-Retreat Parsem - Honeymoon Suite - Galery

Shunya guests can experience Mykonos for special niche events through our portfolio of luxury villas there. We take bookings only 6 months to a year in advance and can arrange weddings, yoga retreats, corporate off sites, family reunions etc.
We can handle accommodation for as many as 40-50 people distributed over 4 villas and events for about 90 at one of the villas.
Our event staff will design the event through a dialogue with clients.

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